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Wildcat Conversion

Free yourself from under-performing software.



Wildcat automated conversion is a new approach to replacing old and under-performing software.

Wildcat Conversion automates the process of converting your existing software and data to smart new low-code open-source technology that runs on most devices and browsers, hosted internally or in the cloud.

Consolidate multiple applications into a single modular system and take advantage of great new capabilities, like maps, devices, content, activity tracking and much more.

Transition with the confidence of a fixed price analysis phase ($9,900 AUD inc GST), including:

  • a report detailing risks and issues associated with where you are, and identifying opportunities of where you could be,
  • a functional proof of concept with your data to assess and free-play before committing,
  • a fixed price plan and quotation to complete the conversion.

And with a money back satisfaction guarantee on the analysis package if you pay up-front, you can’t lose.

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Escape from the limitations of your existing technology.

Include maps, mobile device access, automatic notification, bulk communication, reports, dashboards and full activity auditing.

With no lock-in and no required ongoing fees, all data is stored in standard open-formats, easily exportable whenever you need.


Wildcat automated conversion provides a rapid escape from extortionate licence fees, old and under-performing software.

In just a few days, we’ll provide you with a detailed analysis of your system, a functioning proof of concept with your data for assessment, and a fixed price quotation for completed migration (or, for large and complex systems, we’ll provide a fixed price quotation for detailed scoping and planning phase).


Try before you buy

We provide a functioning proof of concept with your data for your assessment.

Try, discuss, decide. It’s your choice.


See how we can match and improve your user experience…

The ability to closely match your existing system can help smooth transition – making side-by-side validation of your new system possible, and avoiding the need for retraining your staff.

But don’t stop there – take the opportunity to introduce new capabilities, enhance old ones, innovate and re-invent your business!

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Wildcat Conversion - FAQ


Wildcat is a service to convert and migrate old, legacy or failing applications from a wide range of different technologies to high quality web-based applications. Wildcat combines breakthrough automatic conversion technology and expert analysis.

Here’s our FAQ, or download a printable version.

What system problems or limitations does a Wildcat conversion solve?

A Wildcat Conversion is aimed at resolving the following common problems:

  • Scale and user size limitations
  • Data duplication, inconsistencies and limited ability for validation
  • Unsupported/proprietary technology
  • Prohibitive legacy system costs and proprietary licences
  • Technical feature limitations (smart-phone / device access, maps, bulk communication)
  • Usability problems, non-standard user interfaces and equal opportunity compliance
  • Security limitations
  • Accessibility limitations
  • Performance problems and scalability limitations
  • Change management risk identification
  • Lack of documentation
  • Inability to source expert knowledge, developer and support resources
Which Systems are Convertible?

Wildcat can convert almost all ODBC compliant applications, including:

  • MS Access (mdb and accdb), VB6, Oracle Forms
  • Excel workbooks, Paradox & CSV files
  • Peoplesoft, SAP, Siebel, Prophecy, Sugar…

And any system with these as a backend:

  • SQL Server
  • Oracle
  • MySQL
  • H2
  • Postgres
  • Ingres
  • and many others (just ask us if your system isn’t on the list)
What size systems can be converted with Wildcat?

Wildcat conversion is suitable for both small single-user applications and large scale multi-user systems with hundreds of millions of rows.

Can you convert systems if there is no access to the code base or there is no or inadequate documentation?

Yes. However completing the conversion may take a little longer if there is lack of clarity about requirements.

Can you convert systems if the existing system uses proprietary technology?

Yes. Provided you own the data and don’t have a licence arrangement which precludes you accessing the data directly.

Following conversion, what operating system will our application run on?

The resulting application will be a browser-based solution, accessible from most devices and browsers.

Wildcat converts and migrates application concepts and application data to the Skyve Enterprise Platform – an open-source Java EE application platform.

The Skyve platform can run on any server operating system which has a Java Virtual Machine, including Windows, Linux, Mac OS etc.

What do I need to know about Skyve?

The Skyve Enterprise Platform is a new open-source low-code platform offered under LGPL licencing.

Skyve uses the Java programming language and is freely downloadable from GitHub.

No licence fees are required to use Skyve, however we offer a range of support arrangements and training options if required.

We also offer a range of additional modules and products, like CRM and Timesheet modules which are not included in the open source version.

Can the converted system be hosted internally or in the cloud (i.e. AWS or Azure)?

Yes, either.

Skyve applications have been successfully deployed in a range of environments including Government DMZ networks as secure and robust external facing applications, 3rd party hosting providers and internal networks.

What devices can the converted system be used on?

The resulting applications are accessible using most browsers and devices (desktops, laptops, tablets, smart-phones and other browser enabled devices).

How secure are the resulting applications?

Skyve enforces best-practice security measures, supports SSL encryption and has met the security requirements for public facing applications for a number of government organisations.

What are the ongoing fees?

The resulting applications use open-source software and no additional licence fees are required.

How will this help us avoid being locked-in or captive to any vendor or system?

All converted application components are in human readable files and standard formats, and the Skyve platform is open-source. In addition, the resulting application includes extensive and powerful data extraction capabilities, avoiding Vendor or Technology Lock-In.

Who else has used converted applications?

Wildcat converted applications have been used by a number of government and private organisations, including for mission critical solutions, including:

  • Australian Federal and State Government Organisations
  • Regulatory Bodies
  • Private Corporations and Small Businesses
  • and more…
Which operating systems can converted applications run on?

Wildcat converted applications can run on most operating systems including Windows and Linux, hosted internally or in the cloud (e.g. AWS or Azure), with Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL or PostGres databases.

What enhanced functionality is possible with converted applications?

Converted applications can take advantage of sophisticated out-of-the-box features like:

  • Forms and data management
  • Powerful advanced filtering, searching and reporting
  • Easy export of data to PDF and Excel to create your own reports
  • Administration module including user role-based security, backup and restore, system dashboard and data import and export tools
  • Maps and spatial concepts, including spatial queries
  • Charts, dashboards
  • File and content uploads, including PDF, MS Office documents, images and many others
  • Bulk communication capabilities
  • Automatic rendering for tablets, devices and smart-phones, including iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows etc
  • Jobs and offline processing
  • Full activity auditing and tracking (optional)
How does the fixed-price program work?

Step 1 – Enquiry & Pre-Qualification – a run through a pre-flight checklist to answer basic questions to make sure we can help you

Step 2 – Wildcat Conversion Assessment Report & Demonstrable Prototype

  • We build a working prototype for your assessment and free-play
  • We provide a detailed analysis report of your existing system, including identifying risks and opportunities
  • We provide either a fixed price plan for straight forward conversions, or for large and complex systems, a fixed price scoping study (RFP Ready)

Step 3 – Fixed Price Conversion OR  Fixed Priced Scoping Study (RFP Ready)

Step 4 – Switch over and go live

If you pay in advance, we’ll back it all with a full money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied that we’ve provided you real value!

How do you reduce our risk?

Apart from the risk benefit of less, more maintainable code, high quality integration and simple deployment, we offer an amazing full money back guarantee for the fixed-price program if you pay up-front.

When is a Wildcat Conversion Process NOT recommended?

Wildcat conversion is not recommended when:

  • You do not own the existing data, or
  • You have licence arrangements with your current provider that exclude access to your data directly.
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