Enterprise-grade software solutions

We specialise in building applications for Government, Defence, Commercial and Not for Profit organisations.

Across our 15 years in business we have established an extensive track record of delivering sophisticated projects on time and on budget.

Our expanding customer base trusts us to build and maintain secure, reliable and high performing products across extended life cycles.

We use the latest generation computing techniques and agile project management to rapidly deliver accurate solutions to complex problems.

High performance applications for Government and Business

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Our varied portfolio includes:

Our low-code technology

We have pioneered the development of enterprise-grade low-code software development in Australia. Our low-code approach has proven to be a highly effective, efficient, fast and reliable methodology and low-code is now being recognized widely as one of the most significant paradigm shifts in software for the next decade.

Key benefits of a low-code approach


A rapid, iterative delivery approach, meaning a first customer release can happen in days instead of weeks or months.


A range of out-of-the-box features like automatic rendering for mobile devices, integrated geospatial, integrated content and capabilities only previously available through large-scale software development.


Enabling your Subject Matter Experts to be actively involved in product design and refinement, which reduces project management overhead and delivers a better product in record time.


Separation of client-specific features (your intellectual property) from the core software platform, thus largely eliminating the regression impact of platform upgrades.

Legacy system expertise

Old and under-performing systems litter many organisations, typically dragging along intangible corporate risk as well as expensive costs in licenses and labour-intensive workarounds.

We have developed significant experience and expertise in solving this problem. The combination of our low-code technology and our iterative agile development has proven to be perfectly suited for modernising legacy applications.

We can re-use your existing data and reproduce your legacy functionality, whilst enriching it with modern capabilities, security and quality standards.


Over the past 15 years we developed particular expertise in working for Government.

We have been entrusted with developing and supporting mission-critical and politically sensitive applications in taxation, health and biosecurity.

We understand the special challenges for Governments – including security, performance,  intellectual property, activity auditing, through life support and business continuity.

Trusted daily by Government

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How we work


We actively partner with our clients. Project delivery is a joint exercise. This means that we work with the system end-users and with Subject Matter Experts as much as with the client IT and project teams.


End user involvement is central to how we create software for our clients. Our genuinely iterative development approach means far quicker feedback loops are possible – within hours and days rather than days and weeks. Tighter iterations enable a collaborative approach with Subject Matter Experts who can engage quickly to provide detailed feedback earlier, reducing rework and improving usability and usefulness. This all means fast results, at low risk. At each interation, the application is delivered in a production ready state, allowing for rapid deployment to a production environment with a high level of confidence.


Writing a fully comprehensive requirements specification for a new system can be difficult, time-consuming and a lot of work. Our technology and approach mean that you can avoid much of that time and effort, and instead work together with us to adjust and refine your new system as your solution develops. Our approach is genuinely agile. With our low-code technology comes the ability to try new ideas without significant rework.

Early reassurance = less stress

IT projects can be stressful. Typically they are strategically important, and urgent, and simply must work. We minimise that stress. Working with Biz Hub means that you will get very early visibility of functional systems that you recognise. Your system will grow from that solid, visible core. No waiting to the end of the project to be certain that it is on track. This is reassuring, and appreciated by our customers.


Biz Hub’s low-code platform has high performance and blue-chip security at its core. This means that even the early iterations are solid and secure – and can be built on. We don’t make the mistake of adding performance and security later.

Your project – small or large

While we have delivered an impressive range of high-profile projects for Government and regulatory authorities, we also deliver smaller projects.

In fact, our core platform is so powerful and flexible that we are well suited to deliver small projects fast – with enterprise grade quality and security built in.

This means standalone new projects for small business and not-for-profits, as well as prototypes and demonstration projects for anyone.