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Capability First.


We build extraordinary solutions that put capability first: solutions you can start using from day 1.

We create custom low-code solutions with a range of out-of-the-box features like mobile accessible forms, maps, full activity auditing, integrated content and big-data: giving you access to capabilities only previously available through large-scale software development.

Our approach future-proofs your intellectual property by separating your business concepts from any specific technology and using open-standards and human readable definitions.

We offer a unique automated rapid-conversion and migration solution to uplift legacy systems (and data) to transform your organisation – reusing your hard-won business knowledge, enriched with the latest technology, security, usability and quality standards.

And if you’re incubating or developing solutions for customers, we can augment your offering with new technology, know-how and support.

It never hurts to ask...

We’re confident we can demonstrate real value, even from a humble beginning.

If you’re not sure where to begin or how to start, we can help you in the right direction, without any major commitment.

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With a background in defence R&D and government, we’ve built a wide-range of technology for all kinds of situations, using techniques that really work for small businesses up to large government and regulatory authorities.

Don't believe the hype

Our solutions put capability first, so you can start gaining value from the first iteration.

Know what you’re getting – start experiencing new capabilities – on your own device, as your solution develops.

Try As You Buy

Our unique Capability First technology means the solution is in your hands from the start.

You’ll know what you’re getting and can respond quickly to new customer needs and requirements.


Total solutions

If you’re innovative or want to lead the market, you can’t do it by copying everyone else. We build total custom solutions that work for you, to make you the best you can be. From design, data conversion, development, deployment and hosting – a total packaged solution.


We understand the special challenges for Governments – from intellectual property, security, ongoing maintenance, activity auditing and the need for high levels of usability.

Rapid Conversion and Migration

We have a unique capability to convert old and under-performing systems to the latest web technology, migrating your data and adding mobile and map capability, saving you thousands in licences and work-arounds.

Cloud Solutions

All our solutions can be offered as Software-as-a-Service for your customers, or a custom cloud solution for you. Or run on your own infrastructure or data centre, and it’s simple and quick to change between the two.



If you’re not sure how or where to begin or need specialist advice, we can help with understanding how you can use mapping and devices as part of your core business.

Low cost options

Even a low-cost option can give you access to mobile device forms, maps, activity auditing, rich content and big-data capabilities. You’ll be genuinely surprised at what’s possible for even a moderate budget.

And if you can’t afford the up-front cost, we can offer pay-by-the-month custom solutions to get you up and running sooner – ask us how.

Professor Paul McGreevy

“I am totally blown away with the insight, professionalism, care and enthusiasm that Biz Hub brought to this project. We were very lucky to have them on board.”

Faculty of Veterinary Science, Sydney University

Tony Andersen

“WILDCAT has proven to be a stable and reliable platform for our finance critical applications and has allowed us to rapidly transition from disparate legacy technologies.

Our WILDCAT application has been well received by both our Business and Finance user community.”

Chief Information Officer, Australian Research Council

Developer Assist

If you’re a developer or a development house, we can assist you to build your own solution with our technology suite and deep technical knowledge across a range of otherwise difficult areas.

With ongoing support and assistance, you can upscale your business to offer new capabilities to new and existing customers.

Incubate With Us

If you have a great idea for a new business or concept, ask us about our Incubation Assistance Scheme. We can offset up-front development costs against equity or other custom arrangements.

And you’ll benefit from our knowledge and experience and the ability to proof-test your concept quickly and scale as you need.


With technology in use by the SA Department of Treasury, the new Royal Adelaide Hospital project, and a range of other departments and organisations, we know that everything depends on quality and security.

Start your project with quality and security built in from the ground up.

Don't put it off any longer

Let’s start with what would actually make your life easier and better – we will work with you to add real value from the first step.

Whether you’re a government with hundreds of millions of rows, or a small business who just wants to lead the market, let us help you devise the way your business should be. Now.

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