Biz Hub today signed an extension with SA Health to continue with an expanded scope for the New Royal Adelaide Hospital (NRAH) “Config Engine” system.

The transition to the New RAH (South Australia’s largest ever infrastructure project) is a highly complex problem, involving more than 15,000 staff and all of the devices, biomedical equipment and communication equipment. The Configuration Engine software allows the transition team to manage fine details, including desk allocations, even down to which network port, power-point and printer computers will be plugged into.

The extension of the project will allow for an expanded scope, including a transition-scheduling tool and mobile-device support for the moving team to check all steps and procedures for transitioning existing or new equipment to the new Hospital.

The Config Engine is created using Biz Hub’s revolutionary Skyve open-source low-code Enterprise Platform which contains out-of-the-box support for mobile device rendering and maps.