Upgrade your
Access database

Cost effective and typically delivered in 6 weeks

Fix your problems. Secure your data. Make your system work for you. 

Client portal

Add a client facing portal, upgrade your registers, scheduling and management systems

Databases to convert →


Increase security with multi-factor authentication, data encryption, and role-based controls

Business benefits →

Mobile access

Capabilities include support for Android users, geolocation, bulk emails and ABN integration

Add new capabilities →

Don't simply migrate

At Biz Hub, our approach is to modernise instead of migrating your MS Access database as this will replicate the current labour-intensive workarounds you are experiencing. 

Through a comprehensive understanding of your database, we will convert and transform your data to set you up on a modular platform that can continue to grow with your business.

MS Access databases to convert

Client portal

Client database (CRM)

Job allocation and rostering

Work and effort scheduling

Asset register management

Environmental database

Debt management system

Grant applications

Why convert your Access database?

Many users convert their Access databases because under-performing databases present real business limitations.

Client portal

Interact with your customers with a public facing interface configured for clients (with accounts) and potential clients (registrations and anonymous users).

Increase employee productivity

Increase employee efficiency by significantly reducing load times, providing mobile access (including support for Android devices), and enabling seamless integration with your other business systems.


Scale without constraints on user size, data size, or the number of concurrent users the system can accommodate simultaneously. Additionally, the low code system makes future changes easy, without the need for IT support.

State-of-the-art security

Protect your corporate and customer data from unauthorised access, data exfiltration, ransomware and security threats. Our security measures have successfully met the security standards for public-facing applications across government organisations.

Better and more accurate data

Inbuilt validation processes will remove duplicate and inconsistent data, making it less likely for errors to occur. This will reduce the amount of time your team spends making manually corrections.

Reduce key person risk

There are inherent risks involved now that MS Access database is no longer supported. On top of that, for many businesses, most of their databases have been created by non-IT staff and without proper documentation.

Want to find out more?  The next webinar is on 27 February 2024.

Unlock new opportunities

Choose the functionalities your business needs to grow.

After converting your data, Biz Hub will configure the modular system to align with your business requirements, eliminating the need for workarounds and enhancing productivity.

System benefits

  • Low cost open source system (no ongoing license fee) developed in Australia with regular updates
  • Option to add new modules and functionality as you need
  • Choice to host internally or on the cloud with your preferred provider
  • Daily backup of your data
  • Compatible with non-MS business systems


Technology roadmap

Security updates, system enhancements and new modules are continuously added to the application, allowing you to effortlessly maintain the currency of your system.

System capabilities

The benefits of modernising your Access database

Webinar from 1pm to 2pm (AEDT) on Thursday 22 February 2024

Why choose Biz Hub?

Test drive your new database from the moment you start.

Render of system after database upgrade

Dynamic prototype

Access your new system, with your data, from day one. Our dynamic prototype allows you to understand exactly how your system will look and function, minimising assumptions and rework.

With such high visibility, you can be assured that your project is on track.

Working with your team

We work collaboratively with your Subject Matter Experts and system end-users. Their changes are immediately deployed to your dynamic prototype, typically within a day.

This allows your team to provide feedback throughout the process, resulting in a system that is tailored to suit your business.

We're local

We're right here, in Sydney and Adelaide, and well-versed in the Australian business landscape and regulatory environment, ensuring compliance and adherence to local standards.

Low cost system

Fixed price quote

On time and on budget project delivery, backed by a money back guarantee for upfront payments.

No licensing fees

No ongoing license fee for our Australian open source low code system with over 350,000 regular users.

No lock-in contracts

Your data is yours. Data is stored in standard open-formats and exportable whenever you need. 

Better security

Do we even need this section?

User authentication

Multi-factor authentication, role-based controls, and full activity audit and tracking. This is a repeat. Tie this back to biz hub

Data encryption

Data encryption using SSL certificates? More info here. Does this relate to biz hub’s ISO certification?

Latest security updates

Regular security updates to ensure that you safeguard against cyber attacks. Government clients. Australian. Based in Sydney and Adelaide. 

3 simple steps

After 15 years of experience converting MS Access databases for clients large and small, we have developed a streamlined method to deliver your project on time and on budget. 


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