Case studies

360-degree Survey System


Elixan offers a custom-managed 360 survey review and analysis service for its clients.

Biz Hub created the automated 360 survey management system which allows clients to design their survey based on capability analysis and manage automatic invitations and reminders.

Respondents are provided access to a personalised kiosk tracking progress of responses for surveys they are performing on others and on surveys to which they are subject.

At the conclusion of the round of reviews, the system automatically generates a personalised analysis report for respondents which is used as the basis of a confidential 1:1 review with the survey operator.

The key success of the system is the self-service automated approach, requiring minimal involvement from Elixan staff.

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Member Portal

To take the load of Waterski and Wakeboard Australia’s paid staff and add new services and benefits for its members, Biz Hub created a self-service member portal.

Waterski and Wakeboard Australia (WAWA) is the peak sporting body for all towed water sports in Australia providing services and opportunities to its 3,000 plus competitive participants and approximately 1.3 million unregistered social participants.

The Membership Portal provides a secure membership database the sole source of information on members, divisions, officials, club, and division, with functionality that meets the diverse needs of WAWA.  The portal provides a flexible memberships management platform taking the administrative load off WAWA’s paid staff, providing a marketing tool for targeting information dissemination to the appropriate audiences, capturing the details and interests of the 1.3 million social members, a major growth opportunity for the competitive disciplines and WAWA. In addition, the portal provides a flexible, cost-effective platform to offer new services including partnerships, training, compliance and future services that are yet to be developed.

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Insurance Claim Registry


The Compulsory Third Party Insurance Regulator (CTPIRO) is responsible for helping South Australians recover from motor vehicle accidents.

Biz Hub helped the CTPIRO migrate their existing Personal Injury Register application, responsible for recording all third-party insurance claims in South Australia, from a
legacy, unsupported Oracle-based application into a modern, supported Skyve-based
enterprise web application.

The CTP Claim Registry (CCR) allows insurers to submit claim and payment information to the CTPIRO every month as part of their reporting obligations. The CCR provides real-time validation across hundreds of fields per claim and payment and
provides insurers with a summary report with success or exactly field-level
errors to be corrected if an upload fails.

Administrative staff can test and modify field input validation rules in the running system, to keep up with evolving legislative changes and requirements.

CTP makes use of the real-time report-building capabilities within Skyve to design tailored extract reports for CTP staff and third-party insurance to export data from the system.

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Staff and Volunteer Compliance

To assist small and medium enterprises manage their staff training and certification compliance more efficiently, Biz Hub has created Skyve Comply.

Rather than track your staff’s onboarding documents, certificates, licences, training history and other evidence required to work in spreadsheets and folders, let Skyve Comply automate this process for you, freeing your staff to focus on more important matters.  Sensitive ID documents can be automatically deleted, once sighted and accepted.

Skyve Comply provides policy-driven real-time dashboards for managers and executives on the state of compliance and provides automated alerts and reminders to staff (or volunteers) who need to provide additional or updated documents through the self-service portal.

The web-based solution is available to all staff, at home, at the office or in the field on any device.

Skyve Comply can accelerate your adoption of the solution by uploading the current state of staff documents and evidence from existing spreadsheets, moving quickly to a state where the organisation can visualise and narrow down areas of compliance that need to be improved.

Skyve Comply can analyse your staff’s current documents and suggest new profiles that match or are like your existing staff records, this can greatly simplify the time required to set up a profile-driven system for all staff.

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Knowledge Management and Collaboration

The Mt Lofty Ranges World Heritage Bid Consortium, a collaborative effort led by the Adelaide Hills Council, was tasked with creating a compelling bid for the recognition of the Mt Lofty Ranges as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

To support the consortium’s efforts, the consortium needed a digital platform that would enable effective planning, education, engagement, collaboration, and information management.

The Mt Lofty Ranges World Heritage Bid consortium had several challenges in their bid efforts. The region’s significant historical and cultural heritage and the diverse range of stakeholders involved made it challenging to manage the bid process effectively. With several city councils working on the project, it was crucial to ensure everyone was on the same page and that the bid materials were consistently updated. They needed a digital platform that would allow all stakeholders to work collaboratively, share resources and information, and monitor progress towards their goals. In addition, they required a notification system to keep everyone up to date on any changes and updates to the bid materials.

Biz Hub developed a custom digital platform for the consortium. The platform’s key features included a centralised repository for all bid-related materials, accessible to all stakeholders, and a custom notification system that users could subscribe to for updates, keeping all stakeholders informed and up to date.

We also developed a custom REST API that allowed for the easy sharing of geocoded heritage material with the bid’s public-facing website. This allowed interested parties to access information on the region’s natural and cultural values, which was critical to achieving the bid’s goals.

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Online Taxation System

Biz Hub has created RevenueSA Online (RSAOL) for South Australia Department of Treasury and Finance.

BHA led the implementation of this core taxation and client-engagement capability for RevenueSA.

The system manages the Land tax, Stamp Duty (Conveyance, Insurance & Motor), Payroll Tax, Debt-recovery, Client Relationship Management (CRM), Betting Operations Tax, various Grant subsystems, Certificates, and is enabled by a core Finance engine and integrations with PEXA,SAILIS, Masterpiece and SAP.

RevenueSA Online system is a core part of the public face of Revenue SA, with more than 25,000 tax payer users and 300,000+ regular client users.

RevenueSA Online includes green-field development and conversion of legacy systems into a consolidated taxation management system, critical to RevenueSA and the state government more generally.

RevenueSA has led to a number of significant improvements for RevenueSA including:

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Grape Industry Kiosk

Industry Management and Engagement for Vinehealth Australia

Vinehealth Australia manages vineyard grower, land-holding and planting information as part of their core responsibility of monitoring the health of vines in South Australia.

This project required conversion of a legacy application and data using Biz Hub’s automated conversion capability and then extension to include a Grower Kiosk, reducing costs of compliance for South Australia’s approximately 3500 Vineyard owners and operators and increasing the efficiency Vinehealth.

The Kiosk enables Growers to interact directly with Vinehealth, including online submission of returns and the ability to update vineyard map information directly, download invoices, payment history or update contact details for Vineyard owners and operators.

For a relatively small organisation like Vinehealth, the ability to offer secure best-practice engagement and data management capability such as this would have been a massive undertaking, without access to the Skyve enterprise platform. Direct online engagement has become a pseudo standard for dealing with a large client base and offers significant cost and time advantages over paper-based compliance systems often used by Government and statutory bodies.

Conversion and enhancement of an industry management and engagement tool for Vinehealth Australia.

Same Day App

6.25 hour turn around from concept to live.

Living Choice Retirement Villages required a simple application to help manage contract and delivery timings for construction projects, to help ensure they met agreed schedules.

Data was provided to Biz Hub in the form of a muti-sheet Excel workbook, but multi-user and mobile device access was required so managers could collaborate and update information.

Biz Hub performed a rapid conversion of the Excel workbook to a web application, with full security, activity auditing, reports, and accessible on mobile devices.

The complete cycle, including data migration, was converted and deployed – accessible on their own mobile devices in 6.25 hours, with the project

6.25 hours for a complete cycle including data migration, conversion and deployment live – accessible on mobile devices.

Hospital Configuration System

New Royal Adelaide (nRAH) Hospital Configuration Engine Project

The transition to the new hospital, South Australia’s largest infrastructure project and reportedly the 7th most expensive building in the world (most-expensive-buildings), means managing how more than 15,000 hospital staff 4,000 devices, medical equipment, phones, furniture, computers, software and network accounts will be allocated and configured.

The problem is acutely complex, as transition needs to take account of capability dependencies while avoiding or reducing interruption to essential hospital services.

Along with combining interactive floor-plans to allow staff to allocate people to equipment, phone numbers and building access, the system will assign network printers based on proximity, visualise telephone “hunt” groups, validate building provisions in the proposed design and support the transition of a wide range of other aspects of hospital configuration.

The project uses out-of-the-box capabilities of the Skyve enterprise platform, combining sophisticated hierarchical data traversal with user-friendly drag-drop allocation to the floor-plan, along with powerful content and data management – all of which minimises the opportunities for errors and reduces costs and difficulties of the eventual move.

The key aim of minimising downtime for essential services will be supported by sophisticated path-finding analysis and constraint optimisation – used to create the moving plan and manifests for the relocation.

The project is supported by Biz Hub but developed in-house, with the team well placed to take maximum advantage of corporate knowledge and potential issues. Senior developers were up-skilled to the new technology with an intensive customised training course and quickly gained familiarity and proficiency with the new technology and approach.

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Managing the complex problem of supporting the move of an entire organisation to a new location, facilities and new organisational structure.

Department of Treasury and Finance, SA

Legacy Taxation System Renewal

The Department of Treasure and Finance (DTF), SA, have transitioned Emergency Services Levy data from legacy proprietary technology to the open-source Skyve enterprise platform as part of a program of legacy system renewal.

The ESL transition alone has already saved the department significant sums and will continue to do so over a number of years, as the new system expands over time to include all legacy back-office data.

The legacy system, along with over 100m rows of ESL data was transitioned using Biz Hub Australia’s unique automated rapid-conversion capability, which allows developers to iterate and refine system and data migration.

The ESL migration and conversion project took just 6 weeks to develop from concept to production, enabled by Biz Hub’s unique rapid capabilities, Biz Hub’s experience in agile development and the extensive business knowledge of Department Staff.

Biz Hub Australia assisted the Department’s own developers and analysts, demonstrating how the technology can be quickly adopted in-house, and how our high-level APIs and “configuration over code” approach enables internal support and development as the project is refined and enlarged.

Rapid data migration of >100m rows of emergency services levy data.

Implant Billing System

Implant Billing is an important part of surgery support for the new Royal Adelaide Hospital, ensuring the hospital correctly recovers the costs of implants and consumables from insurers and other agencies.

The legacy system at the old Royal Adelaide Hospital responsible for billing surgical implants was not migrated when the new Royal Adelaide Hospital was opened in September last year, and a new system was required.

A new Skyve application was built and put into production in 6 weeks by 1.5 developers. The application is responsible for importing data from the corporate financial system, facilitating data entry of paper records of the surgeries, and exporting to the patient administration system for billing. The Implant Billing System at health is now live and generating invoices through EPAS.

Implant Billing is an important part of surgery support for the new Royal Adelaide Hospital, ensuring the hospital correctly recovers the costs of implants and consumables from insurers and other agencies.

PIRSA – SA Government

Rapid System Conversion – South Australian Shellfish Quality Assurance Program (SASQAP)

The project converted 3 existing legacy systems which supported laboratory sample testing for the SASQAP group at Port Lincoln – as part of Food Safety and Biosecurity for South Australia. The converted system combines 3 capability modules into a single solution, with shared system, user and contact management.

Commencing with automatic rapid conversion from Microsoft Access, the laboratory support system was refined, including significant data cleansing and remodelling, to support scalable multi-user access.The entire project was managed, developed and deployed remotely by Biz Hub and PIRSA internal staff.

The South Australian industry depends on the highest levels of accuracy for its ongoing reputation as a provider of top-quality and safe seafood around the world and Biz Hub’s unique automated conversion capability, combined with the Skyve enterprise platform, allowed the development of a high-quality solution, significantly increasing the capability and quality of laboratory recording and statistical analysis.

The transition to Skyve also meant a significant reduction in the amount of application code to be managed, with support in-housed by PIRSA.

Rapid conversion of multiple systems to an integrated solution.


Chatterbox – anonymous BYOD discussion platform

A new online discussion tool called Chatterbox will be used by Australian and New Zealand Veterinary Schools, built using Biz Hub Australia’s Skyve enterprise platform.

Professor Paul McGreevy, Faculty of Veterinary Science, Sydney University said “I am totally blown away with the insight, professionalism, care and enthusiasm that Biz Hub brought to this project. We were very lucky to have them on board.

Sponsored by Sydney University and developed by Biz Hub Australia, Chatterbox is a BYOD/mobile platform for mass discussion and debate and combines instant messaging with analysis tools and reports, in an anonymised and moderated space.

Chatterbox takes advantage of Skyve’s enormous range of out-of-the-box capabilities like asynchronous messaging along with data intensive search, reporting and unique automatic mobile rendering technology.

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Or read about it:

University of Sydney News, The Australian , Sydney Morning Herald , ABC Online

Mobile student mass discussion tool for universities.

Grant Management

Grants Processing System for the Australian Research Council (ARC)

Faced with a transition to a Windows 7 based Standard Operating Environment (SOE), the ARC took advantage of Biz Hub’s rapid conversion capability and the Skyve enterprise platform to create the Grants Processing System, bypassing an otherwise costly and difficult transition.

Over 2m rows of data required significant cleansing, along with integration and consolidation of a wide range of previous approaches including SQL Server stored procedures, VB6, Microsoft Access, VB.NET, C#.NET and Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and macros.

The originating system consisted of 153 tables, 84 forms, and 76 reports/sub-reports and held approximately 2.1 million data rows. The maintained code-base consisted of 23,000 lines of SQL views, stored procedures and functions (not including table and index creation scripts etc), and 21,500 lines of VB/VBA and C# and VB.NET code with a total of 615 application source files and artefacts.

Conversion resulted in an application which met or exceeded the existing capability with only 8,300 lines of Java business code, only 300 lines of SQL views and functions. The majority of the application was defined in human-readable metadata embodying the business model and concepts rather than programming code, and the entire application was organised in only 140 source files.

Tony Andersen, CIO at ARC said the solution “…has proven to be a stable and reliable platform for our finance critical applications and has allowed us to rapidly transition from disparate legacy technologies…” and had been “…well received by both our Business and Finance user community.

The resulting transition solution was delivered on time and budget, managing payments of over $900m annually to Australian Universities and research organisations, and total active grant funding of over $3.2b and operated successfully for over 5 years while an enterprise-wide transition to newer technologies and approaches could be completed.

GPS easily exceeded the capabilities of the previous systems and resulting in improved data accuracy and lower maintenance effort, all without interruption to any of the monthly payment rounds.

GPS supported ARC staff to manage organisation and person details and funding and payment authorisations for each research project administered under the ARC Act.

A rapid conversion of a suite of 18 disparate systems including MS Access, SQL Server stored procedures, VB6, C#.NET, VB.NET and MS Excel into a single integrated and consolidated Web application.

Online 360 Review and Learning Needs Analysis

Leadership Development Assessment Tool (LDAT)

The South Australian Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources (DEWNR) required the development of a Leadership Development Assessment Tool (LDAT) tool, which allowed staff to nominate reviewers and analyse training and development needs as part of a 360 degree review process for around 1500 staff.

As an externally hosted service, LDAT was one of the first SaaS systems for DEWNR as part of the strategic realignment of SA Government organisations taking advantage of the wider trend toward the cloud.

Biz Hub developed the solution using the Skyve enterprise platform, taking advantage of Skyve’s sophisticated security and transactional handling out of the box.

LDAT used Web 2.0 rich user interfaces for data entry and administrative functions, while the surveys themselves ran on Java Server Pages (JSP), integrated via the Skyve tag library. This combination gave LDAT the combined benefits of a powerful administration application with the flexibility of fully-styled JSP surveys.

Skyve incorporates the flexibility of the JSP technology but applies a sophisticated “hydration and dehydration” technique – largely resolving the performance shortcomings of JSP.

An online 360 review and learning needs analysis tool for DEWNR, SA.