Extend and supplement your SAP with Biz Hub

Biz Hub will wrap and integrate your SAP system with a customized system that addresses your problems whilst retaining the solid SAP core.

Enhance SAP capability and reduce cost of ownership

At the same time as significantly improving the capability of your SAP system, we can also significantly reduce the total cost of ownership of your SAP system by:

Biz Hub and SAP

Biz Hub is a South Australian technology company producing enterprise-grade software for Government and Commerce.

We have a 15-year track record of delivering large and complex projects and in doing so we have developed significant capability to manage SAP and other ERP systems.

In South Australia we have addressed one of the largest SAP system in SA Govt – the system in SA Treasury which handles billions of dollars in Government finances.

Biz Hub is chosen by its Government and Commerce customers due to its ability to:

How we do it: low code enterprise platform

Biz Hub has developed the Skyve low code enterprise platform, used by Federal and State Governments since 2010. Skyve is a perfect candidate for extending, supplementing and enabling large-footprint ERP systems such as SAP.

That’s due to the combination of Skyve’s scalable data management with a highly usable and rich user experience. In addition, the Skyve engine provides a range of sophisticated data marshalling, caching and other optimisations, enabling real-time responsiveness even where this cannot be achieved with the SAP system directly.

Skyve is a gateway for comprehensive integration possibilities – when you want new capability you are no longer reliant on SAP modules or even the SAP API suite.

Modern, efficient project delivery

Biz Hub’s Skyve low code technology facilitates rapid product development, and this is complemented by Biz Hub’s genuinely agile project delivery methodology.

This means your team can collaborate more closely on ongoing product development, which reduces your external costs and yields a product that more closely matches what your team really needs.

Case Study: Revenue SA Online

Biz Hub has enhanced SA Treasury’s SAP system to create RevenueSA Online (RSAOL).

This is now South Australia’s core public tax-payer portal and back-office management for 12 tax lines – including CRM and finance management for the state’s >300,000 state tax payers. 

Biz Hub wraps the SAP system, supplements the data and integrates it with data in RSAOL’s finance and CRM subsystems. Now South Australia’s tax-payers can deal directly with their own information online, including the data set contained within SAP.

No more costly, slow and difficult customisations of SAP. Biz Hub has enabled RevenueSA to:

Key facts

Fast delivery of new capability

New COVID capability was created and delivered into production within 72 hours

Real-time user responses

Pre-caching SAP data can provide a real-time response alternative to relying on SAP response times

Reduce SAP Business Partner fees by up to 40%

Fee savings are possible depending on usage profiles. In one project, transitioning management of business data modified the SAP usage profile which resulted in a reduction of ongoing usage (Business Partner) fees by around 40% per year.

Liberate your SAP system with Biz Hub today!

For more information, contact steven.langley@bizhub.com.au  or call +61 490 802 176