What we do

We build custom solutions using the Skyve low-code Enterprise Platform – a platform we pioneered and sponsor.

With our integrated capability set, we build applications with only small amounts of code which automatically look great on mobile, tablet and desktop browsers. They can run on a range of operating systems and databases, in the cloud, or on-premise. This gives you unparalleled freedom to explore rich capability without vendor or technology lock-in, and with the ability to exit if you need ever to.


Spatial and Maps

Support for spatial information, location and mapping is always available. Quickly and easily geolocate addresses on maps, search and filter data by drawing selection boundaries and include location and distance concepts for all your real-world data.

Rich user interface

Our solutions have built in support for hierarchical concepts, maps (including the ability to draw shapes and boundaries), geolocation, side-by-side data comparisons, charts, dashboards, mark-up editors, images and attachments, reports, powerful ad-hoc searching and filtering – with resizing, personalisation, multi-tenant customisation and support for on-the-fly internationalisation.

Bulk communication

Our centralised bulk communication capability allows you to manage all outward e-communications directly. Powerful data binding and merging, attractive mark-up, attachments, reports, images, unsubscribe links and calendar items help you close the loop with rich real-time data for your users.


Our solutions have built-in support for Internationalisation and right-to-left. Solutions developed in one language can be easily internationalised by adding a resource file for each language being offered.


Our technology automatically renders forms for tablets and phones, so you can begin interacting with the real world from your first use. Start collecting real world data, user locations, and images, or integrate deeply with 3rd party device software using open standards like JSON.


Our approach to accessibility includes automatic resizing, tabbing and keyboard support, hover tool-tips and integrated context help features, full-screen zoom-in for images and charts and built-in support for internationalisation. Our solutions are accessible right from the first iteration so your users aren’t left out.


Reporting comes out-of-the-box on every list, to a range of standard formats. Beautiful pixel-perfect reports can easily incorporate images and charts using our object data provider, or traditional SQL, and reports can be easily scheduled and emailed as required.

Import/Export via BizPort

Our data management tools allows administrators to export, modify and then re-import data – making bulk data management and data migration simple and safe. Imported or updated data is validated exactly as if it had been entered manually, and BizPort identifies row and cell locations with invalid or missing data.


Centralised Security

We build our solutions on centralised pervasive security modelling, role-based access control, data segmentation, and a range of automatic protection measures against attacks from web request tampering, injection of extra properties and SQL injection. You can customise our out-of-the-box activity auditing and side-by-side historical comparison capability to track any kind of data interaction and provide powerful reports or real-time alerts.


Our high-performance platform includes automatic payload optimisation (to determine the smallest payload to send and respond with for each server interaction), client state management, optimised data interactions for mobile devices and allows multiple concurrent conversations for users.


Our technology automatically renders forms for tablets and phones, so you can begin interacting with the real world from your first use. Start collecting real world data, user locations, and images, or integrate deeply with 3rd party device software using open standards like JSON.


All data interactions occur through centralised persistence management and transaction handling – providing a high level data capability combining SQL databases and NoSQL “big data” horizontally scalable content repositories.


Centralised Job management allows you schedule jobs, view results, configure notifications and perform bulk tasks without interrupting your user experience.


Rapid development

Our technology supports rapid agile development, with features to get your users interacting from the first iteration. With automatic mobile rendering for forms, automatic database creation and manipulation as you work, change scope identification, single-gesture deployment and the ability to quickly route external application components and technologies where required.


Our smart platform automatically generates comprehensive unit and user interface tests. This not only ensures a high quality of all delivered code, but it also significantly reduces the cost, effort and time to undertake regression testing.


Developers take advantage of comprehensive automatic domain validation as part of their continuous integration approach. Automatic domain validation ensures that as the scope of development expands, new additions and changes conform to work already completed and change scope is clearly identified for testing, significantly reducing risks and rework.


Our solutions assume SaaS and multi-tennant applications with a range of capabilities to make offering and customising solutions simple.